Environmental Illness

After doing a quick Google search of “environmental illness” I found an Environmental Illness Network on Vimeo. The purpose of this network is to educate viewers about EI and other public health related ages.

The following two videos are examples of what you can find on this network:

This video reminded me of the clip we saw during the discussion. It’s scary to think that people are getting sick from products they use everyday. I think that the change mentioned in this will be difficult to achieve. For example, most of the commodities (i.e. plastics, medications, cosmetics…) sold in the US are manufactured using a certain chemical process. In order to reduce the chemicals we are exposed to, we’d have to change how many goods are processed. This would take both time, money, and interest from corporations. If these new processes are too expensive (time/money), they will not be adopted by most corporations.

This clip shows a doctor explaining why doctors are not knowledgable about how chemicals effect the human body.






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