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Beauty and the Nose

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Before reading Gilman’s article, I’ve never really thought about the nose from a sociological perspective. In realty, I never really think about my nose unless I’ve got a cold.

Overall, I thought this article gave a good overview of the nose’s social history.

The following YouTube videos a examples of the ways in which some people modify or “fix” their noses in order to feel more attractive.

This video was one of many that demonstrated how to “fix” the nose so it appears to be smaller without surgery.

This video shows the process of Rhinoplasty. I thought this video was some what depressing because the lady felt that she had to “fix” her nose in order to live a better life.


“Good Hair” Reflection

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

To me, “good hair” has always meant healthy hair. It didn’t matter if it was thick, thin, curly, or straight.

Overall, I thought the “Good Hair” documentary was very interesting and informative. The most interesting part of this movie was when Chris Rock explored the “weave culture”.  I enjoyed learning about how human hair is processed into weave. I didn’t realize that most of the Indian human hair came from women that were participating in a religious ceremony. I also didn’t realize that weave was such a profitable enterprise.

This movie also made me think about some of the contradictory choices I make regarding my body. For example, in the last post, I stated that I wouldn’t get Botox because its the neurotoxin of Botulism. Although I’ve rejected Botox, I don’t see any problem relaxing my hair every eight weeks (and I don’t see myself stopping).