“Good Hair” Reflection

To me, “good hair” has always meant healthy hair. It didn’t matter if it was thick, thin, curly, or straight.

Overall, I thought the “Good Hair” documentary was very interesting and informative. The most interesting part of this movie was when Chris Rock explored the “weave culture”.  I enjoyed learning about how human hair is processed into weave. I didn’t realize that most of the Indian human hair came from women that were participating in a religious ceremony. I also didn’t realize that weave was such a profitable enterprise.

This movie also made me think about some of the contradictory choices I make regarding my body. For example, in the last post, I stated that I wouldn’t get Botox because its the neurotoxin of Botulism. Although I’ve rejected Botox, I don’t see any problem relaxing my hair every eight weeks (and I don’t see myself stopping).






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