Leftovers from the Peace Discussion

I wish we had more time to discuss the subject of disability. On page 339, Peace states that “the human body is continuously evolving via variation and adaptation, but it is society that determine how a given vartion is perceived.”  “Normal” bodies are not the only body capable of great accomplishments. I think the active discussion of disability (in relation to stigma, perceptions, media, law) will help to change how many people view people disabilities. The following clip is a speech by Edward Roberts:


Additionally, I think adaptive sport is a great way to eliviate (some of ) the stigma associated with being visiably disabled. In an interview, one man talks about how physically departing from the wheelchair negates the stigma associated with disability. But who is participating in these sports? Since costs associated with adaptive equiptment are extremely expensive, adaptive sports are only avaliable to those in the middle class. I think there is a racial and class divide associated with the participation in adaptive sports.Also, the institutions that offer adaptive sports lack resources and are understaffed. Here is a clip of adaptive skiing:

Finally, I wanted to share a blog post that Peace wrote. This relates to our discussion about the preceptions of people with disabilities. I found it last night when I was looking for news clips on youtube. It was not what I expected and I bet it won’t be what you expect either. Although I’m not fond of his approach to this blog, I understand why he’s upset.




2 Responses to “Leftovers from the Peace Discussion”

  1. cswaller says:

    Thanks for the response! After reading his post, I was irked by the way random people felt that they had the right to invade his privacy and dehumanize him just because he has a visable disability. Also, I would love to read more of his work. He comes across as a pretty intersting person. I think his confidence and his determination to empower people with disabilities makes him a great advocate for people with disabilities.

  2. tveizaga says:

    I checked out the link you posted to Peace’s blog post as I felt his article was pretty short and was curious to what more he had to say. I was definitely not expecting the post to be the way it was and although it was blunt and graphic, you’re right, I can see why he’s angry. To have a wide array of people ask him what is supposed to be a personal topic (sex) while simultaneously questioning his physical abilities (and emotional I would add) on being an adequate lover could definitely be upsetting, insulting, and even hurtful.